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Data Questions: is there a common key between the sets? A way to tie the reservation to the charge to the voucher? At first blush, I don’t see it in the data. - If there is no common key, can I assume that all three data files refer to the same trips?

Currently, there is not a common key to link between the data sets, unfortunately.

Trips found in the reservation and travel card data sets should be contained in the voucher data set, which is the most comprehensive of the three data sets. However, travel card data does not necessarily link up with reservation data and vice versa. Furthermore, there may be gaps in the voucher data due to system errors and inconsistencies. Keep in mind that this is sample data and that the real data that will be used by GSA in whatever tool is developed will be slightly more consistent but far from perfect. You may choose to focus on one or more than one data set in developing your solution. You may choose to show us what insights could be achieved if we had a common indicator to link among the data. As stated in the rules, be creative and help us to figure out what improvements in data collection efforts might help us to achieve valuable insights for GSA and other agencies.


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